juju who?

Thank you for your visit! I feel honoured you're here; I hope you feel welcome.

This blog started as a way to document my successes and my attempts of it in sewing my own clothes. I follow many blogs on the subject, I read a lot of books about it, and there comes a time we just get tired of taking and not giving back.
So I thought I could contribute too. Let's see if I find a way.

Story of my life is full of pirouettes.
I am a tattooed lady, ex-ballerina, former student of fashion, bass apprentice and many other things(well, who isn't?). I have two feline beautiful friends living with me. I have a 4-year boyfriend who is my best friend.
I'm living in São Paulo for almost 10 years now: somedays I love it, sometimes I can't stand it.

Sewing was something I learned from my mother, and from my grandmother. And afterwards by reading loads of books and searching everywhere for information.

From my twenties on I have been approaching more and more of my inherited sewing machines(from mother and grandmother), although my career went to other directions. I am now determined to sew more and more for myself (and for my close ones), because I think it's a marvellous way to use our minds and hearts and eyes and hands, because it makes me happy when I'm working and when I'm done, because I believe it is a way to bring good things for myself and for the world around me.

Nowadays I work as a baker and am working on building my own business. So this blog is mainly about my happy hobby.

One other thing about me is I am always moving things around, reviewing, experimenting new ways. If you come today to my house and come back in two weeks, something will be in a different spot, one other thing will find a new place. It is kind of clear for me something alike will happen in this virtual home of mine.

Pardon me any weird english. I am a Brazilian and sometimes I try to express things as they come in my head... I am sure we'll understand each other. 

Feel encouraged to leave comments and participate. I sure love some company :)

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